Easily switch rooms for a better vacation

We have all been there. You are exhausted from traveling and check into the hotel. You want to call it a night but the room does not meet your standards. The pictures you saw when booking the hotel are far from the truth and you feel let down. Maybe you get a view that is contrary to what you were led to believe. Maybe your room is switched from the top floor to the middle floor. Whatever the case is, request a new room after being shown the first room that is available. NEVER stay in the first room they give you. In more cases than not, the next room will be substantially better than the previous one.

If the room does not meet your standards in any way, request a new room

Right after getting into the first room assignment, ask the front desk if anything can be done to meet your needs more effectively. It is common for visitors to be assigned to the most basic room in the price range they booked. We believe that hotels do this for one reason and one reason only. They are anticipating customers, like you, who complain about their room or have special circumstances that need to be met. There are some travelers who wait to ask for a swap until after checking out the room. This is exactly what the most seasoned travelers do in order to have the most successful trip possible.

Make a checklist of complaints

It is important that you have a clear list of what didn’t meet your expectations. This will help give the hotel a more clear vision of what you expect out of your stay. The list can vary from low lighting, peculiar odors, or excessive noise from neighboring rooms. This will also increase the chance of getting a better room. Travelers who spend a majority of their time in the hotel as opposed to exploring may need extra space in order to be comfortable. This may lead to being upgraded to a larger room or even a suite.

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Be gracious and courteous

The hotels are, in no way, obligated to give you a better room. Travelers are advised to ask for a switch calmly. Do not demand a new room. This will not work in your favor. Be sure to mention all special occasions such as a honeymoon or anniversary. Hotel staff wants to be treated with respect like everyone else. When all else fails, remember the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Keep in mind this does not always work

Small bed and breakfast hotels and boutique hotels often have limited vacancy. This does not allow for a lot of room for switching rooms. However, these types of hotels are usually well-known for their high quality. It is not very common for travelers to request a change in the first place.

Travel Smart in Europe

Use Supermarkets

Of course the cuisine in Europe is part of the reason why people travel there. However, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of the supermarkets and make their own food as much as possible. There are plenty of small markets that sell fresh produce.

Restaurants in Spain offer a three-course lunch that comes with wine.  Restaurants in Italy offer “aperitivo” which is a complimentary snack with a drink before dinner.


Take advantage of discount cards

A lot of places in Europe participate in the city card program. This allows tourists to take advantage of discounts on transportation and various attractions. The Roma Pass in Rome provides free public transportation and entrance into two museums. There is a Combo Pass that also offers discounts in the capital of France. In addition, cards that are worth looking into are the Oslo Welcome Card, the Berlin Welcome Card, and the I Amsterdam Card.


Utilize hostels and couch surfing

You will quickly discover that these options are undoubtedly less expensive than hotels. Hotels are overpriced and, at the end of the day, not worth the high price tag that is attached to them. The cheapest bet is couch surfing. This allows people to open up their homes to travelers and provide housing for a small amount of time. Using this will give you an insight to the locals and they can often give you great tips on attractions to see during your stay. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can participate in a house-share website like airbnb. This provides the opportunity to share an apartment or rent out a private property.


Plan your trip ahead of time

This will save you, as a traveler, a large amount of money and stress. There are often huge discounts available for booking flights and other forms of travel ahead of time. Enter your travel information and let the website do the work for you. In addition, catching a red-eye flight and traveling overnight will have a tremendous impact on the accommodation costs.


Check out entry free days

All museums in Paris offer free entrance on the first Sunday of the month. Berlin and Venice also offer free entry days. The days for Berlin vary but, in Venice, it is always the last Tuesday of every month during the evening hours.



Travel on select seasons

Of course a lot of people love to travel in the summer when the students are out of school and the weather is warm. However, this becomes a disadvantage because travel is exponentially more expensive during the nice and warm summer months. It is also quite crowded because everyone has the same idea. Hotels and attractions boost their prices to meet the high demand. It is all about supply and demand. In order to make the most of your money, plan on traveling in October/November or February/March.


Check out different attractions

In order to save money, visit countries that are not as popular. You will find that you can have an amazing experience in countries such as Portugal, Bosnia, Romania, and Malta. They are all amazingly beautiful countries that are worth a visit.